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New Cereal Featuring Sesame Street’s Elmo and Cookie Monster Offers Whole Grain Cereal Option

Parsippany, NJ  –Post Foods, LLC is delighting kitchen tables with the introduction of Post Sesame Street Cereal, a wholesome, whole grain oat-based cereal for little ones. For years, toddlers have started their mornings watching their favorite furry friends, Elmo and Cookie Monster, on Sesame Street. Now they can also enjoy these characters’ friendly faces at breakfast and snack times throughout the day.

New Post Sesame Street Cereal is available in two naturally-flavored varieties: A is for Apple and B is for Banana. This oat-based cereal provides two-thirds of a toddler’s daily Whole Grains1 and contains nutrients to help support healthy brain development2. Both varieties have 1g of sugar per serving and contain no artificial flavors, providing a healthy option for breakfast and snacks.

“As a doctor who is also a mom to two young children, I’m thrilled to find a product that is a healthy option for my kids and was created with their specific nutritional and functional needs in mind,” said Dr. Roshini Raj, consulting physician for Post Sesame Street Cereal. “The Whole Grain content and fortification of nutrients like choline, iron and zinc are essential to a growing toddler’s diet.”

The fun ‘X’ and ‘O’ shapes in each box are specifically designed for little fingers to easily grasp and are formulated to melt in a toddler’s mouth quickly for safe and easy consumption. Not only will children be excited to start their day with Elmo and Cookie Monster, they will also enjoy the educational activities featured on the back of each box, encouraging number and letter skills, and bringing even more fun to snack and mealtimes.

New Post Sesame Street Cereal is now available at Walmart and grocery stores nationwide.

Sesame Workshop (the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street) strives to help young children and their caregivers establish an early foundation of healthy habits through Sesame Street‘s “Healthy Habits for Life” initiative.  To learn more, go to

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116g whole grain per 20g serving. Nutritionists recommend toddlers 2 to 3 years old eat 1 ½ servings or more whole grain foods per day (about 16g whole grain per serving or at least 24g per day).

2 Post Sesame Street cereals are fortified with nutrients that help support healthy brain development in children. Iron helps deliver oxygen to the brain and body. Zinc helps brain & body cells grow and develop. Choline helps the brain send messages.

About Post Foods, LLC

Post has enriched the lives of consumers, bringing quality foods to the breakfast table since the company’s founding in 1895. Post’s portfolio of brands includes diverse offerings to meet the taste and nutritional needs of all families, including such favorites as Honey Bunches of Oats®, PebblesTM, Great Grains®, Post Shredded Wheat®, Post® Raisin Bran, Grape-Nuts®, and Honeycomb®.  Post is dedicated to health and wellness, offering consumers a variety of cereal choices to meet their nutritional needs from whole grain and fiber to lower sugar offerings.  For more information about Post Cereals, visit

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