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First mobile application for capturing chatter in the Twittersphere

New York – Hunter Public Relations, a New York-based public relations and marketing communications firm, introduces Tweet Hunter, the first iPhone application that captures real-time Twitter chatter for a snapshot of any topic, on the go.

Available for free download from the Apple iTunes Store (via, Tweet Hunter scours Twitter for the words that appear most often in conjunction with any search term, and ranks them by frequency. Results are displayed graphically on the iPhone screen, with the highest-ranking terms appearing in largest type. In this way, Tweet Hunter offers a real time snapshot of conversations in the Twittersphere, and can also be used as a brainstorming tool for generating word associations around a given brand or topic.

“Twitter is a space where news and ideas are being shared rapid-fire,” said Jason Winocour, social and digital media practice leader at Hunter PR. “Tweet Hunter was born out of our agency’s desire to mine this collective consciousness for insights. This app serves as an effective resource to map pop culture trends in real-time, which enables us to develop creative and on-trend ideas for clients.”

For example, in searching for the keyword “BBQ,” Tweet Hunter casts its net into the Twittersphere, generating roughly 30 results of words being used in conjunction with the term, including “sauce,” “Sunday,” “grill,” and “party,” which can then in turn be used to jump-start creative thinking on a marketing platform for a new brand of BBQ sauce.

When doing a search for “Lady Gaga,” terms like “love,” “shocking,” “VMAs” and “tour” come up, offering a snapshot of what Twitter users are saying about the pop singer in real time.

Developed by Hunter PR’s in-house digital apps and graphic design team, Tweet Hunter’s features include:

– Keyword based search of the Twittersphere
– Multiple search options including exact phrases, hashtags, mentions of a user, and a user’s tweets
– Real-time ranking of the terms that appear most often in conjunction with any keyword
– Bold, animated graphics
– Ability to instantly share results via email

For more information and free downloads of Tweet Hunter, visit the Apple App Store via


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