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ST. PAUL, Minn.  – Widescreen resolution and triple-digit luminosity are among the latest innovations announced today by the 3M Company (CES booth number: 35806) in their award-winning portfolio of mobile projectors.

The 3M Mobile Projector model MP220 offers an unparalleled 50 lumens brightness, WSVGA resolution and full, two-hour battery life. A robust, 2GB internal memory and MicroSD card slot enable easy loading and storage of files directly on the projector, lightening the business traveler’s load by eliminating the need for a laptop or other device.

For those frequently on the go and needing an added kick of power and brightness, 3M is introducing its first AC-powered mobile projector in a pint-sized package.  The MP410 outputs a crystal-clear, 300-lumen, HD-image of up to 80-inches, yet is just 4 inches by 4 inches by one inch (400 cubic centimeters) and weighs less than one pound.  One GB of onboard memory and an integrated MicroSD card slot truly make it an all-in one office for the mobile presenter, allowing for PC-free presentations – ideal for the modern, mobile sales professional for whom portability is measured by the ounce. Like all 3M Mobile Projectors, the MP410 boasts an impressive, 20,000-hour lamp life.

“The 3M Mobile Projector MP220 and MP410 break new ground in 3M’s award-winning mobile projection technology,” said Mark Colin, Vice-President and General Manager of 3M Mobile Interactive Solutions Division. “Both models demonstrate 3M’s commitment to the evolving needs of the mobile business professional, allowing entire presentations to be run from mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers.”

The 3M Mobile Projector MP220 (anticipated retail price: $479) and MP410 (anticipated retail price: $599) will debut in April 2012.

3M MP410

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